Ali's First Day at Syarikat Zumaju Sdn Bhd

Topics: Supply and demand, Marketing, Sales Pages: 2 (353 words) Published: April 8, 2013
External factors effecting the sale forecast

1. Seasonality of the business
* The sale of product such as painting had been seasonal activity across the country. * Trend changing especially urban & metro.
* For example business of TUDUNG: change trought the consumer trend. 2. State of the economy
* The price of product is set depends on the economy condition. * For example is labour problem where the economy production of product decrease when the company drains the labour. 3. Direct and indirect competition

* The sale forecast of production can be make based on the expansion of technology in promotion such as email, facebook and others. 4. Political event
5. Style of fashion
* Company should analyzed the mont-to-month trend or fashion over both long and short term * Management can construct a budget reflecting the variation and increase volume discount or that taken the idea from customers. * For example baju raya that changes of trend years by years. 6. Consumer earning

* The company can forecast their product selling based on the income of customer. * The company also must set their strategy towards the price of product. * For example : the luxury product means company should focus towards the customer which has the higher income. 7. Population changes

* Company forecast selling point which depends on the promotion is made. * For example : use wanita magazines as the point of promotion product towards women. 8. Weather
* The selling of product effected by weather of the country. * For example : the business that involved in clothes will changes their production of product which their company will look toward the seasons. 9. Productivity changes

* The expansion of technology will create the increasing of production.

Internal factors that affecting sales forecast
1. Labour problem
* Supply and demand mechanics work the same in that market and...
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