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Algeria was made a French colony from the 1830s and it was a very tough colonization for them. However, after an almost 130-year colonization of violence and oppression from the French, Algerians started to fight for their independence in 1954. Their struggle for independence did not come with ease, nearly one million people were killed, their culture was stripped, traditions destroyed, and the country was all torn up during the process of them trying to fight for their independence. This paper will discuss the causes of the Algerian war and more specifically it will discuss the theme of political identity. The Algerian war has been described as a “moment in which gendered, religious, and ethnic identities” were challenged. This essay will provide information that has been researched about the causes and effects of the Algerian war of independence. It will provide historical analysis of the role of identity in the Algerian war. This paper will use historical and literary sources to argue how political identity played a significant role in the war of independence of Algeria, and it will also analyze the outcomes of how this role shaped the new independent Algerian society of today. This essay will also briefly compare and contrast the events that occurred in the Algerian war of Independence with the Vietnamese war of independence that also occurred at the same time.

Causes and effects of the Independence war:
Algeria was made a French colony during the 1830s through a series of military campaigns. When Algeria became a French colony, both French and European citizens immigrated to Algeria for job opportunities during the time of the colonization. The more immigrants that came into Algeria the harder it was for the Algerian Muslim population, mainly because of the fact that there was a lot of economic inequalities and employment opportunities were rare for them to achieve compared to the new European and French immigrants Algeria was receiving. As the years went by, the increase of the discontent against the French government grew stronger and stronger from the Algerian people. The majority of Algerians were forced to move out of the fertile plains and into the mountains. They were replaced by the influx of colons from Europe. Food scarcities later brought the Algerians back into the cities where they sought for jobs but they were forced to live in bidonvilles (right) outside of the cities.  The traditional political leaders and structures were eliminated and replaced by French authority. Although Algeria was made into a province of France, Muslims were only declared French subjects and thus did not receive the benefits of citizenship. Socially, the Algerians developed an inferiority complex  as a result of the continued oppression by the French and the colons. The settlers had more power and high incomes while the Algerian majority suffered loss of status, subservience and poverty. Much of their traditional and religious education was eliminated and replaced by Christian French education. This is why the War for Independence occurred.

The factors that helped Algeria accomplish Independence:
The war against the French and Algeria was a war of Independence. Since Algeria was a French colony for almost 110 years. The French were treating Algerian citizens as second class citizens, who doesn't have even access to life's basic needs such as education, health etc.. However, even though they were a French colony they did not receive the benefits that other French colonies received, especially the Algerian muslims. They did not receive citizenship, priority in employment and were stripped from their culture. However, In 1954, the Algerians united and created the National Liberation Front (FLN). The FLN is a socialist political party in Algeria, and it was set up as a merger of other smaller groups, to obtain independence for Algeria from France. However, when the FLN was created, the French were not...
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