Algebra I 6.07

Topics: Binary relation, Sentence, Stepfamily Pages: 2 (433 words) Published: May 7, 2012
Step 1:
Pick a friend or family member to be the character of your word problem. This friend or family member may do one of the following: * Drive a boat
* Drive a jet ski
Step 2:
Select a current speed of the water in mph.
Step 3:
Select the number of hours (be reasonable please) that your friend or family member drove the boat or jets ski against the current speed you chose in step 2. Step 4:
Select the number of hours that your friend or family member made the same trip with the current (this should be a smaller number, as your friend or family member will be traveling with the current). Step 5:

Write out the word problem you created and calculate how fast your friend or family member was traveling in still water. Round your answer to the nearest mph. 6.5
Solve each of the following problems using a system of equations. Show all of your work and state your solution in a complete sentence. 1. Tony and Belinda have a combined age of 56. Belinda is 8 more than twice Tony’s age. How old is each? (2 points) *

2. Salisbury High School decided to take their students on a field trip to a theme park. A total of 150 people went on the trip. Adults pay $45.00 for a ticket and students pay $28.50 for a ticket. How many students and how many adults went to the park if they paid a total of $4770? (2 points) 3. Your piggy bank has a total of 46 coins in it; some are dimes and some are quarters. If you have a total of $7.00, how many quarters and how many dimes do you have? (2 points) 4. Follow the 5 steps below to complete this problem. (4 points) 6.7

Whether you are doing this activity with a family member or friend, or collaboratively with another student, you will submit the following to your instructor as assignment “06.07 Algebracaching": 1. Your system of inequalities, the graph, and hidden treasure point. 2. The step by step directions you provided your partner to graph the system of inequalities. 3. The...
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