Algebra: Mid-Module Review

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Mid-Module Review





1. Jacob lives on a street that runs east and west. The grocery store is to the east and the post office is to the west of his house. Both are on the same street as his house. Answer the questions below about the following story:
At 1:00 p.m., Jacob hops in his car and drives at a constant speed of 25 mph for 6 minutes to the post office. After 10 minutes at the post office, he realizes he is late and drives at a constant speed of 30 mph to the grocery store, arriving at 1:28 p.m. He then spends 20 minutes buying groceries.

Draw a graph that shows the distance Jacob’s car is from his house with respect to time. Remember to label your axes with the units you chose and any important points (home, post office, grocery store). b.

On the way to the grocery store, Jacob looks down at his watch and notes the time as he passes his house. What time is it when he passes his house? Explain how you found your answer.


If he drives directly back to his house after the grocery story, what was the total distance he traveled to complete his errands? Show how you found your answer.

2. Jason is collecting data on the rate of water usage in the tallest skyscraper in the world during a typical day. The skyscraper contains both apartments and businesses. The electronic water meter for the building displays the total amount of water used in liters. At noon, Jason looks at the water meter and notes that the digit in the ones place on the water meter display changes too rapidly to read the digit and that the digit in the tens place changes every second or so.

Estimate the total number of liters used in the building during one 24-hour day. Take into account the time of day when he made his observation. (Hint: Will water be used at the same rate at 2:00
a.m. as at noon?). Explain how you arrived at your estimate.


To what level of accuracy can Jason reasonably report a measurement if he takes it at

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