Algebra and Life.

Topics: Learning, Skill, Mathematics Pages: 2 (468 words) Published: April 26, 2006
Algebra is one of the most important subjects someone can learn. It is a subject that transfers into daily life, often without anyone even realizing it. Unlike English or History classes, Algebra can be put straight to use once learned. It is one of the most versatile subjects there is. Algebra can be anything from calculating the amount of money you've spent on your grocery shopping, keeping track of the calories you have in your diet, and designing structural plans for a building.

Going shopping and frequenting stores can often get out of hand and confusing as to how much things cost or to how much you saved on an item. Algebra can help you to configure all of these things and also save you from making any costly mistakes. Many items in grocery stores are often on sale at some point or another whether it be 10% percent to 50% and a lot of times people don't know how much they are saving on any particular item. Algebra simply allows a person to calculate all of these things.

Algebra is also a convenient skill to possess when it comes to dieting and recipes. Counting the number of carbohydrates or calories and keeping track of them can get overwhelming at times and a person can get confused. Algebra can help you to see how many calories you have had and also it can help you calculate how many you are able to have in the future. Cooking is also another skill that is associated with algebra. Adding and subtracting ingredients, figuring out the amount of time something has to cook, and also how to serve a food evenly all have to do with algebra.

Architecture is a skill that has a lot to do with numbers as well. It is very important to know exactly how long everything is, how much weight something can take, and the dimensions of every minute detail. If an architect doesn't know the answers to these, not only will the structure be wrong but the building could also be a safety hazard. Architects use algebra every single time...
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