Algebra 2: The Troubles Of Learning Functions

Topics: Real number, Absolute value, Mathematics Pages: 1 (410 words) Published: February 26, 2013
January 8, 2013
Algebra 2
Well what I like about this class is that when ever I have a question you will answer me and when ever I don’t understand something you would try to explain it t me again .I know I would get frustrated but that’s because I have too much stress. What I didn’t like the class was when we learned about the F.O.I.L it confuse me at the end when you have to put all number and variable together. The other thing I didn’t like is some people in the class room are not going to say no names. What I enjoy learning was almost everything but I really enjoy learning was logarithms. I like because u don’t have to do a lot of steps and it really easy .Well I had trouble learning the functions at the begging but then I try and try until I got it . It took me almost a week to learn it. The thing that I could have done to improve my grade to all my work and to never say NO am not going to do it, and not to get mad when I can’t do something or when I have problem solving something . If I was the teacher I would teach the student the easy way on solving the problem. And I would not just give them work on the board I would go over it with them because if I give them the work the some of them not going to do it. And I would also change the room and how is set up. I thin I did well throughout this semester in this class because in my other class I have all C this the only class I have A in. I also enjoy being in this class because I get alone with almost every body. The topic in algebra 2 that we cover and I have a lot of trouble was absolute Value I do understand it but some time the negative sing just confuses me a lot. I really don’t like working with negative number because the are really confusing like when you have a negative and a positive together some time you have to change the sing when ever you get your answer or you have to add and get the sign from the bigger number all the stuff confuse me. This all I have to say MR. Johnson...
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