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Oklahoma Algebra II End-of-Instruction Test Preparation and Practice Teacher’s Guide Help for the Oklahoma ACE Algebra II Test

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To the Teacher Priority Academic Student Skills Pre Test Standards Review and Practice Content Standard 1: 1.a. Content Standard 1: 1.b. Content Standard 1: 2.a. Content Standard 1: 2.b. Content Standard 1: 3.a. Content Standard 1: 3.b. Content Standard 2: 1.a. Content Standard 2: 1.b. Content Standard 2: 1.c. Content Standard 2: 1.d. Content Standard 2: 1.e. Content Standard 2: 2.a. Content Standard 2: 2.b. Content Standard 2: 2.c. Content Standard 2: 3.a. Content Standard 2: 3.b Content Standard 2: 3.c. Content Standard 2: 4. Content Standard 2: 5.a. Content Standard 2: 5.b. Content Standard 2: 5.c. Content Standard 2: 6.a. Content Standard 2: 6.b.

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Content Standard 2: 6.c. Content Standard 2: 6.d. Content Standard 2: 7.a. Content Standard 2: 7.b. Content Standard 2: 7.c. Content Standard 2: 7.d. Content Standard 3: 1.a. Content Standard 3: 1.b. Content Standard 3: 2.a. Content Standard 3: 2.b. Content Standard 3: 2.c. Content Standard 3: 2.d. Content Standard 3: 3. Post Test Answer Grids Answer key

71 73 75 77 79 81 83 85 87 89 91 93 95 97 117 121


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To the Teacher
These practice activities are correlated to the Priority Academic Student Skills (PASS) for Algebra 2 and are designed to prepare your students to take the Oklahoma End-of-Instruction ACE Algebra 2 Test. The practice tests reflect the type of wording likely to be encountered on the actual Oklahoma End-of-Instruction ACE Algebra 2 Test.


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Priority Academic Student Skills
MATHEMATICS CONTENT STANDARDS Algebra II Standard 1: Number Systems and Algebraic Operations - The student will perform operations with rational, radical, and polynomial expressions, as well as expressions involving complex numbers.

1. Rational Exponents a. Convert expressions from radical notations to rational exponents and vice versa. b. Add, subtract, multiply, divide, and simplify radical expressions and expressions containing rational exponents. 2. Polynomial and Rational Expressions a. Divide polynomial expressions by lower degree polynomials. b. Add, subtract, multiply, divide, and simplify rational expressions, including complex fractions. 3. Complex Numbers *a....
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