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Algebra 1

By jmagana634 Jul 16, 2014 853 Words

Algebra 1
Schools in California now have higher expectations to make it necessary for students to take a Algebra 1 course in order to graduate from high school. This requirement issues that it will help students achieve higher expectations and great problem solving skills in future references. People like Mitchell Rosen a licensed family counselor who also disagrees with having Algebra 1 be a requirement for high schools. In one of Rosens articles “Finding X is not a factor of living,” he explains that algebra is not a reliable subject because it not used in the real world. Rosen argues that students should better life training skills in other subjects, students “need more [fundamental] training, not the fine-tuning.” Rosen argues that algebra can be discouraging to students and causes their self-esteem to decrease, also causing unnecessary stress for the student; algebra isn't required for most jobs in the real world; algebra has caused high school dropout rates to increase; due to low grades in algebra. Furthermore, algebra should not be a requirement in order to graduate from high school.

First and for most, If asked, most people would not say that they have personally never used algebraic problems outside of class room walls and isn't important to their professions, so Algebra 1 should not be a requirement in high school, some of the only jobs that require algebra are jobs that are in the engineering, math, or computer science field. Algebra is not needed in real life and students can learn everything they need to know to prepare for life in their other math courses or the rest of their school curriculum.

Secondly, Algebra is the primary cause of the huge high school dropout rate in America. One in four ninth graders drop out of High School, which is 7,000 kids per day. Many Educators such as Andrew Hacker, a professor of education at Queens College, cite algebra cite Algebra as the cause of this. A national sample of transcripts finds 2 times as many Ds and Fs in algebra compared to other High School subjects. Edward Silver for the Alliance for Excellent Education finds that 40-50% of High Schoolers fail Algebra. The high failure rate is proof that algebra shouldn't be taught but know that the course is challenging and can take a toll on students mentally.

However, algebra claims to help promote critical thinking skills, and save money on teaching employees basic math skills. In the article “The Last Time you Used Algebra was…” by Donald G. McNeil he explains that over $30 billion dollars are being spent every year on remedial basic math training (D4). What this training provides is to help teach workers basic math skills that where so pose to be taught back in high school or middle school. An alternative to this segment is that if a student does not understand basic math that is also taught in different math subjects; can easily take an algebra class at a university or junior college. Additionally there are some students who do not choose to at tented college right after school and might decide to join the military or work force and will not algebra as a requirement in order to qualify for these particular jobs.

Moreover, by eliminating Algebra from schools, the districts can save billions of dollars on a better school foundation that can teach basic math courses other than just Algebra. It appears that school are just wasting more money on a course that students understand they will not need this course in order to pursue their career where they may not use algebra. Thus algebra seems unnecessary for someone’s success in succeeding in a person’s career.

Fourthly, taking an algebra class does not define who the students are academically. While a student could score higher in other educational course it seems that Algebra 1 is the primary course students struggle with and allow the academic grade to give the student stress; and feeling as a disappoint. A definitive analysis by the Georgetown Center on Education and Workforce finds that “a mere 5% of entry-level workers need to be proficient in Algebra or above,” (Georgetown University).

In Conclusion, Algebra 1 should not be a required in order to graduate from high school. Students will not need algebra in the mirror future and most professions will not Algebra 1 as a requirement. Due to students failing algebra it has caused a high rate of drop outs. Billions of dollars can be saved if schools had a better math foundation that is unnecessary for someone’s success in succeeding in a person’s career. Lastly taking a simple algebra class does not define who the student and shouldn't be forced to take a class that is unnecessary to the student’s career.

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