Algebra 1

Topics: Equality, Multiplication, Elementary algebra Pages: 2 (619 words) Published: January 27, 2014
Inequality Equation: 12x + 15y ≤ 3000
(1).12x+ 15(0) 15y ≤ 3000(2).12(0) + 15y≤ 3000
12x ≤ 300015y≤ 3000
12x / 12 ≤ 3000/1215y / 15 ≤ 3000/15
12x ≤ 25015y≤200
The problem 46 on page 240 in the text book, Elementary and Intermediate Algebra asks that I evaluate an inequality equation that can satisfy the Ozark Company needs. (Dugopolski, M. 2012 )The paragraphs ask for an inequality that can allow the company to use 3000 board feet of maple lumber. Of the 3000 board feet of lumber, the company will need 15 board feet to make classic rockers, and 12 board feet to make modern rockers. Therefore the inequality equation will equal to: 12x + 15y ≤ 3000. The company wants to see if how many classic or modern rockers they can manufacture with 3000 feet of maple lumber. In the equation (1) the number 12 is multiplied by x which is an unknown unit number. It is added to 15 multiplied by x which is an unknown unit number of classic rockers. Both units and their unknowns cannot exceed 3000 feet of lumber added together. In the equation the first step is to find the limit of the variable (x) which represents the modern rockers. Now substitute 0 for the letter (y) which should cancel out the (y) variable. What is left is 12x ≤ 3000. Next divide 12 by both sides to see what is the limited number of feet that the company can use without exceeding the maximum. The answer should be 250 board feet of maple lumber to make modern rockers. Next the inequality (2) will need to see how many classic rockers the company can make. The next step is to take the equation and substitute 0 for the x variable and multiply it by 12. Once done it will cancel out 12x which represent the limited number of feet the company can use to make modern rockers. Next, divide 15 by both sides of the inequality symbol. After 15 are cancelled from the left side of the equation the variable y will equal 200 once 3000 is divided by 15. The next step is to graph the inequality equation...
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