Alfred Nobel: Research Paper

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Alfred Nobel is one the most accredited scientist and industrialist in history. With over 300 patents held, he has made numerous amounts of contributions to science. Although Alfred Nobel had accomplished many things, the most significant things he had done, in my opinion, was the creation of dynamite and his involvement in the establishment of the Nobel Prize. Alfred Bernhard Nobel was born on October 21, 1833 in Stockholm, Sweden. His family had descended from Olof Rudbeck, a well-known Swedish scientist in the 17th century, a great time of power for Sweden. However, Alfred’s father Immanuel Nobel, an inventor and engineer, became bankrupt the year Alfred was born and left his family for St. Petersburg, Russia to start a new career. This left Alfred’s mother, Andriette Ahlsell Nobel, to provide for her sons by working at a grocery store. Because Immanuel Nobel became successful, Alfred was able to get private education in the following subjects: natural sciences, languages and literature. Alfred Nobel became fluent in Swedish, Russian, French, English and German and passionate for poetry, which his father was not fond of. His father then sent Alfred to Paris for further education. In Paris, Alfred was introduced to nitroglycerin, a volatile component created by an Italian chemist in 1847. After receiving an education in Paris, “he returned to St. Petersburg to work under his father, developing mines, torpedoes, and other explosives” (Ament, Phil). His Father along with his younger brother Emil created a lab where Alfred continued his 2

experimentation. Emil was killed and explosives became restricted within the city limits of Stockholm. Because his name became controversial after the numerous explosions, Alfred sought to improve his business, which led to the creation of dynamite. Alfred went on to create substantial amounts of factories around the world, all of which made dynamite mostly for construction and mining companies, as well as the...

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