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Psycho Thesis

I'm still scared of the shower...
I believe that Norman bates displayed sinister nature threw his attitude, the camera angels of when he is being filmed and the lighting. Everything is put together to portray Norman bates and a very evil and sinister Character. This adds a lot of suspense to the movie. 

Norman bates has a very evil attitude whenever he is alone with his mother and he thinks that it is ok because no one has told him otherwise. When his mother died he tried to keep his mother alive by being his mother. Norman bates has multiple personality disorder which tears a person in two so that is why he is very sinister because he wants to keep his mother alive ever since she passed away so he tries to be her. How a person acts is the most important part of a movie dialogue so that is why him acting sinister is very key to his role and part. 

I believe that the camera angels he was filmed at we're very important to Norman bates sinister nature. A very good example of when this happened is when he sat down with the first victim she was always shot with a bellow the head shot so she was looked up too and displayed as a good person and Norman bates was always the opposite from the top so to be looked down upon and very evil and a sinister look on his face. 

I believe that the lighting for Norman's character showed how he was a evil and sinister person. Again the scene where he sits down with his first victim shows how the light makes him sinister. When the victim is filmed she is very light and glowing which portrays a good person. However when Norman bates is lighted up he is normally dark and sinister. Also in that same scene when he stands up then there is a line down his face that is perfectly down the middle of his face which means he has him inside of him and his evil mother which symbolizes that he is a evil character inside of him. 

To conclude I believe that Norman Bates was a very evil and sinister character by how he was...
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