Alfred Hitchcock Comparison Paper

Topics: Alfred Hitchcock, James Stewart, Vertigo Pages: 4 (1496 words) Published: December 19, 2012
For this paper, I have decided to compare two Hitchcock films. Ever since I can remember, I have seen Alfred Hitchcock films; Psycho, The Birds, North by Northwest, I enjoy his work because I like the suspense, and visual effects that he was able to accomplish. Out of all of his films, I believe that my favorite Hitchcock films would have to be Rear Window (1954) and Vertigo (1958), because I think that the two incorporate everything that is “Alfred Hitchcock”. Hitchcock films are known for being mysterious, cynical, as well as suspenseful and they are all similar because of his use of symbolism, light, repetitive actors, and repetition of theme.

Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock was born on August 13, 1899 in London England. He began working with the media when he began submitting short stories to The Henley Telegraph in 1919. He became a creative writer and submitted to the paper stories about various topics, but it was then that he started writing stories with twist, or unexpected, endings. Hitchcock began his career as a director in 1922 with his first film “The Number 13”. This film was unsuccessful and eventually thrown aside due to budget restraints. He continued to work in London, and by the 1930s, he had become one of the most prominent directors.

Alfred Hitchcock was known for “treating actors like cattle” meaning that he was an authoritative director who found it most useful to create nearly flawless films with actors who he felt he could order around. This proved to be an efficient way to direct because after only a few years of directing, he was offered a seven year contract in the Hollywood. Hitchcock and his wife moved to the U.S. in 1939 where they spent the remainder of their lives. It was with 20th Century Fox that Hitchcock trademarked his suspense and gallows humor genres but in the 1950s, he moved to Paramount Pictures. It is with Paramount that he directed both Rear Window and Vertigo.

Rear Window is a film about a photographer named...

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