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Alfred Adler

By ChelseaLaughs Oct 28, 2013 345 Words
Alfred Adler
Born on February 7th, 1870 and died of a heart attack on May 28 1937 Received a medical degree from the university of Vienna in 1895 Married in 1897 and had four children
Apparent physical comforts but suffered in childhood and physically and emotionally Almost died from pneumonia at the age of 5

His one goal was to make a psychological way that fought for the holistic point of an individual as well as social equality

Adler’s theories that he came up with were:
Spirituality, ecology and community
Adler's approach to personality
Psychodynamics and teleology
Constructivism and metaphysics
On birth order
On homosexuality
Parent education

Adler’s approach to personality:
“Psychologist Alfred Adler believed that a person's behavior is motivated by a desire to achieve success or superiority. This is often moderated by social environments.”

Adler’s approach to Holism:
He argued for it saying that individuals holistically rather than simply, the final being the dominant outlook for viewing human psychology.

We chose to study and research Alfred Adler because of his famous concept which is the inferiority complex which speaks to the problem of self-esteem and its negative effects on human health. Since all three of us had heard of him, we decided it would be beneficial to study his work. His work consisted of creating a movement that disputed for the holistic view of an individual as well as social equality. Adler’s beliefs, as well as our most important beliefs, are that the social field is equally as important to psychology as the internal field of a person.

Some hardships Alfred Adler endured were what Sigmund Freud blamed Adler for his ambitious and obstinate ways. Calling him a “heretic” and a “plagiarist”. Adler also disagreed with Sigmund’s over emphasis on sexual conflicts during childhood as a for mental illness. "About Alfred Adler: History: About: Adler School of Professional Psychology." Home: Adler School of Professional Psychology. N.p., n.d. Web. 15 Sept. 2013. . "Alfred Adler: Theory and Application | Adler Graduate School." Practical Psychology, Inspiring Change | Adler Graduate School. N.p., n.d. Web. 15 Sept. 2013. .

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