Alfred Adler

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Alfred Adler is one of the greatest pioneer of psychology and a phliospher of his generation, although he is not an everyday famous name in psychology but he is the founding father of the Adlerian theory. Adler shaped his theory of the human nature on the basis that our personalities are formed by our particular social environment we live in and our interaction with unique people. Unlike Sigmund Freud, who is a very popular name in psychology believed that our efforts are manifested to satisfy our biological needs particularly sexual needs naming it Libido energy. Adler believed that people are largely responsible for who they are whereas Freud believed that the present behavior of people is completely related to past experiences and presented people somewhat of a victim of their past which Adler considered inaccurate. Adler believed that psychologically healthy people have a complete idea of their actions and in return reactions. Alfred Adler came up with the idea of “Individual Psychology” which is the core matter of his theories. Adler saw People as being motivated mostly by social influences and by their striving for superiority or success Alfred Adler introduced the world with a new vocabulary “Inferiority Complex”, although his theories strike rather obvious but they are the basis of so many other ground breaking experiments in understanding the complex human mind. Alfred Adler himself said that he spent forty years composing his work in the simplest design for the world to understand.

Alfred Adler lived a rather complicated life consisting of illness, awareness of death at a very early age and sibling jealousies. All of this surfaced in his work in a very positive way. Adler was born on February 7th 1870 in Rudolfshein, a village near Vienna. His mother Pauline was a hardworking homemaker who took care of seven children and his father Leopold was a middle class Jewish grain merchant. Adler suffered from rickets in his childhood; it is a vitamin D deficiency which causes softening of bones. At age five he almost died of pneumonia and his doctor lost hope that he would survive but luckily he did. Adler lost his young brother at a very tender age, his brother died in the bed next to his when young Alfred was only three. The idea of death was so horrific to him that he decided to become a doctor in pursuit to conquer death. Alfred Adler shared a sibling rivalry with his older brother who was sturdy, healthy and vigorous whereas young Adler was not able to take part in any of the physical activities due to his condition. He recalled that he would sit outside with his legs and arms wrapped in band aids and would watch the kids in the neighborhood play. Adler was pampered by his mother due to his sickness but this drastically changed at the arrival of his younger brother. Adler fulfilled his childhood ambition and enrolled in university of Vienna to study medicine but was just a mediocre student. In the begging he was interested in incurable diseases but felt very agitated at being completely powerless in preventing death. He became discouraged and chose to specialize in neurology and psychiatry.

The one dynamic force behind people’s behavior
Is the striving for success or superiority.
Alfred Adler

Alfred Adler believed that our entire life is spent overcoming inferiorities, he further

Simplified the basic motivation and drive to achieve anything in life was to rise out of inferiority. It is our need to move towards superiority thus the entire life of the human being can be depicted as a struggle to achieve greatness or in Adler’s word “Superiority” Adler explained that we are born in inferiority, when a child is born he/she is feeble and needs immense protection and care. The child cannot feed itself nor do anything. Gradually the child rises out of inferiority...
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