Topics: Hearing, Education, Ear Pages: 4 (1609 words) Published: August 20, 2013
Morning Assembly |
Good morning Principal, teachers and fellow students.
I am Teresa Lau from F.5C.
And I am Eddy Ho from the same class.
Today is Thursday and it is the day for our ‘Biliterate and Trilingual' (兩文三語) assembly. This morning, the assembly will be conducted in English. Thematic Speech – Protecting our hearing To start with, two of our English teachers, Ms. Li and Ms. Ng are reminding us how we should protect our hearing. Let's welcome them. Ms.Li and Ms. Ng, please. Ms. Li: | Good morning, everyone. Hey, Ms. Ng, when do you listen to music? | Ms. Ng:| I usually listen to music when I am going home, but quite often, I listen to music when I am getting around town. | Ms. Li: | Don't you find that listening to music when you are out is not so pleasant as the surroundings (環境) are often very noisy. | Ms. Ng: | That's true. I have to turn up the volume because the streets in Hong Kong are usually busy and noisy. | Ms. Li:| Actually, I have also found that many people have their headphones or earphones on because they are listening to music on their MP3 player. | Ms. Ng: | It is not unusual that you can actually hear what a person is listening to because they turn the volume so high. | Ms. Li:| That's indeed quite harmful to our ears. You see, there is an increasing trend of young people requiring audiologist (聽力學)consultations (諮詢), usually due to tinnitus (耳鳴), or ringing in the ears. | Ms. Ng: | Tinnitus is usually associated with older people who work in noisy environments. However, it is getting more common in the younger generations because of music. | Ms. Li:| The problem is worse in places like Hong Kong with constant (持續的) noise from the traffic and construction so people are likely to turn the volume up to unhealthy levels that damage their hearing. | Ms. Ng: | In order to protect our hearing, we should set the volume limit on the MP3 player. For example, Apple's iPod has had a volume level control...
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