Alexie Indian Education

Topics: Teacher, Primary school, Primary education Pages: 3 (913 words) Published: December 27, 2012
Jacob Gurrola
English 1301.153
Mrs. Beth Walker
October 2, 2012

Comparing my Education to Sherman Alexie’s Indian Education
Sherman Alexie’s Indian Education tells of the hardships, such as bullying and racial discrimination, that Alexie faced in reservation grade school; I, on the other hand, faced minimum hardships since I went to private grade school. The rules of the private school I went to are based on the Bible, and this created a friendly Christian environment among the students, so bullying of any sort was scarce. Alexie faced constant bullying in the reservation schools he attended. My elementary school life was peaceful and violence was uncommon, whereas Alexie’s elementary school life was traumatizing for him, facing problems with bullying and racism.

My elementary life is eventful and enjoyable. One vivid memory I had in my elementary years, specifically first grade, is vomiting every other day during school. This was not caused by bullying; it was caused by scheduling P.E right after lunch. Every lunch I would drink chocolate milk with my meal. After enduring a vigorous exercise in P.E, the entire grade would line up so they could go back to class and continue their learning. Before we would leave to go to class, that is when I would erupt my lunch onto the green carpet we ran on. One noticeable food item in my vomit was chocolate milk. After first grade, I had the desire to switch schools, not because I was tired of the school I was going to, but because I wanted to go to the public school my aunt taught at. Sadly, I was not able to go to that school, and I went to a different public school, one that was closer to home. After experiencing a couple months of the public school life, I wanted to return to the private school I had attended. I wanted to return because I was disinterested in what the teacher was teaching. I was disinterested because what the teacher had taught me I had already been taught in first grade. Since I was bored in...
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