Alexandria of Africa - Book Review

Topics: Mercedes-Benz, Africa, Poverty Pages: 2 (525 words) Published: April 19, 2014
From going shopping in California to mixing cement in Africa. You will be taken on an amazing journey from having everything to the coolest clothes and cars to living in a tent with barely any hot water to shower in. For the young and beautiful Alexandria Hyatt this was a total nightmare. She was sent to Africa as a volunteer for the Child Save program after she had been caught shoplifting. This is great expedition where a young girl who has it all has now barely nothing, with just most of the essentials. You will learn about the wonderful culture and experience the how it is to live in one of the poorest parts of africa. It is an life changing experience.

In Alexandria of Africa, Alexandria has been caught shoplifting and she has been sent to court to face her consequences. This wasn't her first offence it was either go to detention for six months or do volunteer work in Africa for just three weeks. In her mind detention was not an option. She was sent 7000 miles away from home to Kenya. All she needed to do was get a good review from the child save program and she could go back to her perfect life. Her sixteenth birthday is a few days after she would get back from Africa and all she could think of is coming back with a sweet new Mercedes Benz. However if she doesn't get a good review she would end up going to detention and having to spend her birthday there. She sets off to go on an amazing journey to Africa to help build a school for a village nearby. This might seem like a cool adventure but, to her it's a major setback. She hates the whole idea of it, waking up everyday at five in the morning to go put up some silly school. Everyone there is there because they want to do volunteer work but, she's there because she has to be. She has really has no other choice. All she needs to do is get a good review from Renée, another volunteer. However Renée and Alexandria don't get along what so ever. Alexandria knows what she wants and how to get what she wants...
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