Alexander the Great

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Alexander the Great
Alexander the Great is one of the greatest military leaders of history. Not only did Alexander of Macedon conquer enormous areas of the known world but also he demonstrated dynamic leadership and masterful strategy on a large scale and tactics on the battlefield. Alexander the Great was born in the Pella region of Macedonia on July 20, 356 B.C., to King Philip II of Macedon and Queen Olympia. Alexander hardly ever saw his father because he spent most of his time engaged in military campaigns. Olympia was a powerful role model for Alexander, but he grew to resent his father’s absence. Alexander received his earliest education from the tutelage of Leonidas, but it was a struggle to control his rebellious student. Alexander's next tutor was Lysimachus, who used role-playing to capture his attention. King Philip II then hired the philosopher Aristotle to tutor Alexander. Over the next three years, Aristotle taught Alexander philosophy, poetry, drama, science and politics. He inspired Alexander to dream of becoming a heroic warrior. After completing his education while still just a teen, he became a soldier and embarked on his first military expedition, against the Thracian tribes. Alexander took control of the Companion Cavalry and helped his father in defeating the Athenian and Theban armies at Chaeronea. Once Philip II had succeeded in his campaign to unite all the Greek states into the Corinthian League, the alliance between father and son soon disintegrated. In 336, King Philip II was murdered. In the wake of his father's death, Alexander, then 19, was determined to seize the

throne by any means necessary. He quickly garnered the support of the Macedonian army, including the general and troops he had had fought with at Chaeronea. The army proclaimed Alexander the feudal king and his mother proceeded to help him murder other potential heirs to the throne. Alexander succeeded his father and under took the war on Persia that his father had been planning. The march was one of the greatest in history. At the Granicus River he defeated the Persian forces and moved on to take Milstus and Holicam Nassus. For the first time, Persia faced a united Greece, and Alexander had taken most of the Asia Minor. He then entered N. Syria and in the battle of Issus met and routed the host out, and taking control of Persia. During the triumphant, Alexander envisioned taking control of the whole Persian Empire. It took nearly a year to get full command of Syria, but he accomplished it, and headed for Egypt. After conquering Persia, He and his solders headed to conquer Egypt. With his reputation arriving before him, when Alexander did arrive he was met by Egypt’s governor Mazaces and without resistance. Mazaces simply handed everything over to Alexander. Because of the way Mazaces acted towards Alexander, he decided to keep him on as part of the new Administration. Alexander also founded a new city there and named it Alexandria after himself. Alexandra was destined to become one of the world’s greatest cultural center. After taking control of Egypt and Persia, Alexander wanted to control India and was on his way to do so. The part of India which he invaded was called Punjab. Punjab was ruled by a king called Porus. It wasn’t hard to overtake the land because many people were already ready to overtake the king, and welcomed Alexander and his troops. It was a great battle, the Greeks on one side of the river and the Indians on the other side. In the darkness of the stormy night Alexander and his troop crossed check deep waters to overtake the Indians. Once Alexander had control of India he built alters, and founded cities. Over the course of his conquests, Alexander founded some twenty cities that bore his name, most of them east of the Tigris. The first, and greatest, was Alexandria in Egypt, which would become one of the leading Mediterranean cities. The cities...
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