Alexander the great

Topics: Alexander the Great, Ancient Egypt, Alexandria Pages: 4 (1411 words) Published: April 6, 2014
September 30, 2011

As Thomas R. Martin said in his book Ancient Greece, "When you look at the imagination that was necessary to be Alexander, the effect he had on other people's imaginations -- he was head and shoulders above them." Alexander the Great studied with and learned from his mentor Aristotle, and had great interest in the writings of Homer. Aristotle taught Alexander creative thinking and martial theory, which would come in handy at later points in his life. Alexander wanted to punish the Persians and gain control of all of the land stretching from Greece all the way to India. Phillip the II was a great leader, who was succeeded by his son, Alexander. Carrying on his father’s legacy, Alexander set out with intentions of conquering the Persian Empire. He thought of himself as godly, because his mother had told him that Zeus, the most powerful god, was his father. From this moment on, he strived for immortality. He wanted to be praised by his people as a god, since he was so great and successful. He left from his land of Macedonia and traveled to Turkey in the hopes of defeating Darius’ Persian army. After Alexander left Macedonia, he fought in the Battle of the Granicus in the pursuit of capturing Darius. Alexander won this battle, and was now in control of Asia Minor and the Persian military force he had captured. Three years later he approached the plains of Gaugamela and spotted the Persians. Alexander was a fair fighter, and did not believe it would be respectable to attack the Persians when they were caught off guard at night. The next morning, Alexander and his Macedonian army attacked the Persian army and defeated them. This was a great success by Alexander at the Battle of Gaugamela, although Darius escaped before Alexander could capture him. One of Alexander the Great’s achievements, to the likes of defeating Darius III and the Persian Empire in the north was taking over Egypt in 332 BCE. At the time when Alexander the Great...
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