Alexander the Great

Topics: Alexander the Great, Philip II of Macedon, Olympias Pages: 4 (1343 words) Published: July 24, 2013
Jay Betley
Mr. Ryzner
Alexander the Great
Throughout history, there have been many great leaders, along with many horrible ones. Some have led their countries or groups to a new life, free of religious persecution. Other leaders brought their groups a time of complete and absolute rule. Another group of leaders made their mark in history through conquest. Whether for personal gain, the expansion of an empire or for revenge, these people led armies through many different countries, defeating them and claiming their land before moving on. Out of these great leaders, one reigns supreme; Alexander the Great. Alexander was most likely born on what we know to be the date of July 20th, 356 BC. His father was Philip II, King of Macedon. His mother was Philip’s fourth of many wives, Olympias. The birth of Alexander gave way to a few different legends. In one, ancient Greek biographer Pultarch wrote that Olympias had dreamed that her womb was struck by lightning and spread fire. Another says that Philip dreamed that he sealed his wife’s womb with the image of a lion. The ancient scholars said that these might be signs that his true father was Zeus, God of Lightning. On the day of his birth, many other anomalies occurred, also fueling to the fact that Alexander might have a divine parent. Alexander the Great was the youngest, and most successful, Macedonian leader. He was undefeated in battle throughout his whole life. Alexander's military genius is undisputed ( At the age of sixteen, Alexander’s father, King Philip, went off to war, leaving young Alexander in charge. While Philip was away, the Thracian Maedi revolted against Macedon. Alexander quickly put a stop to the revolt, and then colonized their territory as Alexandropolis. When the King returned, he was pleased with his son’s military prowess, and sent him off with a portion of the army to stop revolts in Thrace. From here on out, Alexander continued a path of destruction,...

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