Alexander Hamilton: An American Musical Analysis

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Over a thousand people flood into the huge theater in New York City, observing the red velvet seats and golden detailed ceiling as excitement fills their hearts. Taking a seat in Richard Rogers Theater, they observe the set and playbill excited to see the 11 Tony award winning show. The room becomes dark and a soft light shines on Leslie Odom Jr., and the company. Musical notes begin and the theater becomes silent as they watch closely. Hamilton: An American Musical is an incredibly popular show and has made many changes to broadway.
Broadway shows used to not be appealing to every generation, but since opening night of Hamilton, it has a whole new meaning. Musicals have been interesting to every generation since the two acts about a founding...

With Hamilton being educational, this changes broadway by giving deeper meaning than just an average show. Throughout the two and a half hours, you are introduced to many facts in an interesting manner. It tells you the whole story of Alexander Hamilton’s life starting off in the first song stating how he was an orphan (Miranda 16) than the play continues revealing his work in the war in the battle of Yorktown (Miranda 121), his time spent with wife Eliza Schuyler (Miranda 269) his plans to get the North out of debt by “Establishing a national bank.” (Miranda 161) and everything until he was killed by Aaron Burr (Miranda 273). Not only does this explain a founding father’s story, it gives a good moral. In the final song, The World Was Wide Enough, it states “America., you great unfinished symphony…” (Miranda 273) solidifying the moral that our country has a bright future. Later in the song, it states “A place where even orphan immigrants can leave their fingerprints and rise up.” (Miranda 273) which adds to the big picture stating anyone can make an impact on the United States. The show being educational filled with positive acclamations changes broadway because it makes other shows want to have a deeper meaning than just a musical.
Hamilton is quite unlike any other broadway show. Written by Lin-Manuel...
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