Alex Sander

Topics: Leadership, Management, Personality psychology Pages: 2 (722 words) Published: January 10, 2011
Protagonist in the case:
Sam Glass (Product group supervisor) Landon Care Products.
Issues troubling Sam Glass:
Alex Sander – Product Manager is a highly talented individual and has been very effective employee and has delivered results but when it comes to handling people Alex doesn’t seem to fit into the role. Sam has high regards for Alex and is keenly interested in keeping Alex at Landon but at the same time also understands that Alex lacks leadership skills especially with respect to people handling aspect. It might have negative impact on the overall working environment and other employees, especially people under his supervision. Alex Sander though a highly talented individual possesses a difficult personality. How will Sam channel Alex’s talent and ensure success for the product group and Alex as an individual? Also, because this issue came up due to the 360 degree feedback system Sam needs to understand the effectiveness of the system and recommend if any, to improve the process which will help Landon develop leadership talent long-term. Objectives:

Channelizing Alex’s talent in a manner which will ensure Sam’s product group success. Training Alex which will help him take leadership role in the organization effectively. Understand if 360 degree feedback process is effective and if also some changes can be made to make it more effective. To launch a product ‘nourish’ successfully and increase its market share. Analysis:

Sander’s being a Product manager with an experience of launching two products successfully at the same time, was known among his colleagues and in the corporate world as someone who could accept any kind of challenge and put in extra efforts to achieve it on time. He was a workaholic and expected his team members to work at the same pace as him due to which he wasn’t looked upon as a leader to follow, but a person from whom people could learn a lot of how to take an approach and provide solutions. He was a considered a tough...
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