Alex Clare "Too Close" Analysis

Topics: Cut, Mental confusion, Mask Pages: 1 (376 words) Published: May 7, 2013
During the first 30 seconds, there are many high angle shots of Clare, which show that he may be in a weak state. He is also shown to be playing with his hands in the second shot, which connotes being nervous. The frequent use of extreme close ups shows his slightly confused expression and also helps build on the idea that he has something that he wants to share, which builds a connection between the viewer and Clare. The shadowing of his eyes, from his hat, makes him seem mysterious and connotes that he may have previously been hiding his thoughts, making the video seem more personal. When he starts singing, the shots of Clare are no longer high angle shots, but he is sitting on a chair, which contrasts to the fast paced kendoka fighting, and still makes him seem weak.

I interpreted the kendoka to be a metaphorical representation of Clare’s mind, due to the linked shots, For example, the syncronised head bowing at the start. When the kendoka are fighting, there are fast jump cuts which are cut to the same beat of the song and also sometimes when they strike each other cutting. This emphasises their power along with the low angle shots. An interesting point is that there are a lot of close ups on them. Although you cannot see their expression due to their masks, you can still imagine how they feel by observing their body language. The fact that they are both wearing black and masked is important because they feel almost inhuman and part of their surroundings, which outlines Clare’s character in the video.

The speed dynamics of the video fit alongside the song. In the music, as the texture thickens, the speed of the video seems to also increase, using jump cuts and also, towards the end, by slowing it down before the chorus to contrast.

The lighting is very dark, which makes the close ups more effective at showing detail. It is set in an old, unused building, with peeling paint and dirty concrete floors. This fits with the theme of disorder and confusion....
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