Aldous Huxley

Topics: Brave New World, The World State, The Temptations Pages: 3 (1106 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Throughout Brave New World, Huxley describes a vision of the future where the World Controllers manipulate society through the use of technology, science, and drugs. In this the novel, individuality does not exist. Humans no longer reproduce to their own liking or want, technicians artificially engineer human eggs. Mass productions of humans are the “norm”. Huxley also creates this peaceful society for the youth by giving a drug called soma, which is an imaginary ideal pleasure drug. Happiness in this dystopian society is gained through physical gratification. By creating a fake sense of happiness, Huxley presents a society and future where science and technology create conformity in society.

Huxley shows multiple ways in which science and technology affects the society, for example artificially engineering human eggs to create a mass production goes back to one of the biggest ideals of the World Controllers, that “everyone belongs to everyone” (Huxley 40). In my opinion, using science and technology to engineer a mass production of humans is immoral. Humans have the right to have children, or not have children, and they are allowed to have as many as they want, can have, or like to have. By mass producing you are taking the quality of life and taking advantage of it. Life is a sacred thing, and by mass producing humans you are taking the sacredness from it and turning it into an immoral act. Not only are World Controllers mass producing humans, they are giving some humans physical advantages and hindering others. They divided the Bokanovsky eggs into different classes by exposing some to certain temperatures and environments versus exposing all of them to it. “The surrogate goes around slower giving the embryo less oxygen and nothing like oxygen shortage for keeping an embryo below par” (Huxley 14). This practice is immoral not only since dividing babies into classes are wrong, but it is unsafe. Huxley also uses technology for sleep, or...
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