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Aldolf Hitler

By katemateska Sep 10, 2013 598 Words
July Plot – Essay
Adolf Hitler, once the infamous leader of the Nazi Party, however there were many attempted assassination throughout his reign, 42 to be precise, so how does one man manage to escape death so many times? But for now this essay will tell you how he escaped one the most famous assassination plots, The July Plot, Hitler cheated death as a bomb exploded inside his ‘Wolf’s Lair’ in Rastenberg, East Prussia, this failed attempt was considered by many to be a sign that Hitler would complete great tasks under the protection of a divine power. High government officials decided that it was time that Hitler must be killed, after it was learned that he was leading Germany in a suicidal war on two fronts. A Coup D’etat was to follow and a new government in Berlin would soon save Germany, this was their plan. However this was their reality, Colonel Claus Von Staffenberg, Chief of the Reserve Army, placed a briefcase plated with a bomb inside Hitler’s conference room, and quickly fled to Berlin to carry out operation Valkyrie. But what Staffenberg didn’t know was that while Hitler was studying a map of the Eastern front, Colonel Heinz Brandt knocked the briefcase out of place pushing it further away from its target. At 12.42pm the bomb exploded, killing four people with it, not including Hitler who was wounded, charred and even suffered temporary paralysis of one arm, but still well enough to keep his appointment with Benito Mussolini. Without the confirmation of Hitler’s demise, Staffenberg was carrying out the operation to overthrow the central government, He and his co-conspirator, General Friedrich Olbricht arrested General Fromm and began to issues orders. Soon news came through that Hitler was alive and Fromm was released from custody and turned on his conspirators. Staffenberg and Olbricht were shot on the same day. “The attempt which has failed must be a warning to every German to redouble his war effort” – The German News Agency, they also stated that the people of Germany were deeply grateful that no serious harm had come to their leader and that fate had allowed him to “accomplish his great task”. Once Hitler had figured out the extent of the conspiracy, he began to slowly liquidate his enemies. 7,000 Germans were arrested and up to 5,000 were eventually killed. Hitler now had a firmer Grip on Germany and was very cautious. He was convinced that fate had spared stating, “I regard this as confirmation of the task imposed upon me by providence” and “nothing is going to happen to me… The great cause which I serve will be brought through its present perils and… everything can be brought to a good end.” Deputy Head of the press, Helmut Suendermahn stated: “The German people must consider the failure of the attempt on Hitler’s life as a sign that Hitler will complete his tasks under the protection of a divine power”. Adolf Hitler was an infamous leader; because of his racially motivated policies he is responsible for the death of eleven million people, including six million Jews and the deaths of between fifty and seventy million people in World War 2. There were a total of 42 attempted but failed assassinations on his life. How someone could escape death that many times proves one thing, either he was just very lucky or maybe there was indeed some sort of power protecting him. However on the 30th of April 1945, less than two day after Hitler and his long-time mistress married, they committed suicide.

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