Alder Case Study

Topics: Alfred Adler, Sibling / Pages: 3 (728 words) / Published: Oct 28th, 2012
Using Alder’s theory of individual psychology, analyze Martin’s life by answering the following questions: 1. What evidence is there that Martin had feeling of inferiority?
In the description, Martin felt embarrassed by his human beginnings. He was embarrassed by his ethic background, his parent’s lack of education, and his lack of material goods. He also didn’t want to recall his early childhood, which meant that he couldn’t ignore the deficiency of his life. All of these were evidences that Martin had feeling of inferiority. 2. According to Adler’s theory, how did feeling of inferiority influence Martin’s behavior? What influence did these beliefs of inferiority have on his striving for superiority?
Because of the feeling of inferiority, Martin was eager to make achievement when he grew up, and he strived for his study and work. He was an excellent student at school, and also became a well-known lawyer in his career. He wanted to use the achievements to increase his superiority and decrease the inferiority. I think the beliefs of inferiority had positive influence on his striving for superiority. Martin’s inferiority helped him to improve himself and achieve success. He wanted to get rid of inferiority and striving for superiority. In order to achieve this goal, he had motivation to study hard and work hard. Consequently, he obtained success and achieved his goal.

3. According to Adler’s theory, what was Martin’s goal? What was Martin’s unique style of life that could be used to achieve this goal? How do you know this?
According to Adler’s theory, Martin’s goal was to be out of inferiority and achieve superiority. The style of life was the life plan or guiding image, and referred to the unique ways which people peruse their ways. People’s unique styles of life were formed to a considerable extent during the first five years of life, and also were a reaction to people’s inferiority, real or imaged. Therefore, Martin’s unique style of life

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