Aldeous Huxley/Orwell Essay Ap Comp

Topics: Aldous Huxley, Nineteen Eighty-Four, George Orwell Pages: 2 (615 words) Published: May 11, 2011
Alex Mirabito
Mr. McBride
George Orwell and Aldous Huxley both wrote the own predictions of what the future will be for Americans by writing fiction novels that satirize what the future was going to be. When 1984 arrived and people saw that George Orwells prediction that democracy was still in tact in America and that Huxleys's prediction tht technology would deprive us of the care for knowledge. Both Orwell and Huxley's opinion on the future can be summed up by what Neil Postman said “Orwell feared that people would ban books, and Huxley feared that there would be no reason at all to ban a book, for there would be no reason to even read a book” Huxley thought technology would be so advanced, books would become useless, where Orwell thought that government would break down and anarchy would destroy our country. Orwell wro wrote his novel 1943 in 1949, was making a bold prediction about what was going to happen 35 years into the future. Even though Orwell was mainly wrong, he still made a reasonable assumption. On average, democracy last about 200-250 years, and no one could blame him for thinking our government would crumble. Orwell wrote his book just 4 years after world war II happened and the outlook for the American future was not so bright then. Orwell was somewhat correct in that in today's soceity the government can track wherever you are using a cell phone or a credit card. Orwell was partially correct, even though he took his prediction a little too far. Huxleys prediction of the future was quite a bit more accurate in that he thought technology would become so advanced and uncontrollable it would simply render our passion for obtaining intelligence useless. Huxley thought that humans would be so caught up in technology that it would change the fabric of our beings. It would create a different soceity, a soceity where people have no care at all for gaining intelligence, pursuing a dream, or raising a family. Huxley thought that the...
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