Alcon Joseph

Topics: Ethics, Virtue, Sales Pages: 1 (277 words) Published: May 4, 2013
What are Joseph ethical problems?
1. Joseph was scared to lose his job because a memory, which his Boss had fired a manager with a bad news. 2. Conflict of interest; Joseph as a sales manager should ensure that the employees follow polices and guidelines within the company. Him finding out that most employees engaged in kickbacks and that they are comfortable with practice made him indifferent in his action. This situation made him confused on what step to take. Assume that you are Joseph and discuss your options?

First, I would inquire how they do the kickback process. I would then hire an external force to help in investigating the matter. The external force will then take the matter to the vice-president either directly or indirectly using the media sources. 2nd option to have a meeting with the sales staff with vice president present, regarding how will the company will not tolerate any kind of unethical behavior and if anyone is caught, they will be fired on the spot.

What other information do you feel you need before making your decision? What I need is total confirmation that the kickback process is true. I would inquire from the vice-president punishment people get if they do not follow the policy of the company. Discuss in which business areas the ethical problem lie.

Carl told Joseph he saw nothing wrong with it because it increased sale and it happens all the time. And also talking to few of the old timers at alcon it was learned that when times are good it became unacceptable and if times were bad it slipped into the acceptable range.
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