Alcohols Lab

Topics: Acetic acid, Alcohol, Oxygen Pages: 2 (582 words) Published: December 15, 2009
Activity 1.7.2
Synthesis of Esters
Purpose- the Purpose of this lab is to synthesize Esters by combining Carboxylic Acid and Alcohols. In this lab we will synthesize and then detect the odour of Esters formed. Materials- Materials that will be used in this lab are as follows:- Ethanol 7. Acetic Acid

Eye Protection 11. Test tube rack
Procedure- Prepare a hot-water by half filling a 500-mL beaker with water and heating it carefully on a hot plate until it comes to a gentle boil. Number the test in the rack in order you will put the Alcohols in them. Then create a table and write down all the Alcohols in the order you receive and use the table to record your observations. Now place 1mL of specific Alcohol in each of the test tubes. After putting the Alcohols put 1mL of Acetic Acid in each of the test tube. Now finally add 0.5mL of concentrated Sulphuric Acid to each of the test tubes. Now gently shake and mix each of the test tubes. Contents of Test Tubes for Synthesizing Esters

Questions Page 89
For each of the four reactions, identify the odours of the esters. Methyl Ethanoate combination of Methanol and Carboxylic Acid doesn’t have a strong smell and smells somewhat like water. Butyl Ethanoate formed by Butanol and Carboxylic Acid has a very sweet and fruity smell. Propyl Ethanoate formed by Propanol and Carboxylic Acid consist of a strong nail polish remover smell. Ethyl Ethanoate formed by Ethanol and Carboxylic Acid has a weak nail polish remover smell when compared to Propyl Ethanoate. Draw structural diagram equations to represent each of the three etherification reactions in this investigation. Write the IUPAC name of each reactant and product. What was the function of the concentrated sulphuric acid in these reactions? The function of the concentrated sulphuric acid in these reactions is that it works like a catalyst. Catalyst basically accelerates the chemical...
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