Alcoholism Is a Disease Essay 2

Topics: Alcoholism, Alcohol abuse, Addiction Pages: 4 (1228 words) Published: October 30, 2010
Alcoholism is a disease that can be treated, but through research. I have found that there is no cure for the disease. I t is noted that nearly 14 million people in the U.S. (7.4 % of Americans) abuse alcohol or are alcoholics (Dorsey, Larson, Segal1). Severe alcoholism can also lead to organ damage such as cirrhosis of liver, epilepsy, and gastritis. Because alcoholism is a disease, genetic and environmental factors have plenty to do with its development. To support my belief that alcoholism is a disease, I have implemented the result of a two-year multidisciplinary effort by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCAADD) and the American Society of Addition Medicine (ASAM), which redefines alcoholism, reflected by current and clinical and scientific data. There are widespread problems dealing with alcoholism. According to National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (2004) nearly 14 million Americans (1 in every 13 adults) are alcoholic. Economically, alcohol related problems cost society approximately $185 billion per year. It is more than just monetary; it is also physical and mental. Alcoholism consists of four stages (“Alcoholism getting the Facts”, 2004). The first stage is craving which is a strong need for a drink. The second stages loss of control which is not being able to limit one’s drinking. The third stage physical dependence such as withdrawal symptoms. The fourth and final stage is tolerance, the need to drink more in order to get high. Understanding the four stage of alcoholism, it contributes to my theory that alcoholism is a disease The alcohol disease has a physical dependence; Characteristics of physical dependence, are cravings and withdrawals. Withdrawals systems can range from very mild to highly severe levels. Some symptoms are rapid heart rate and sweating agitation, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, confusion, tremors, and seizures. Additionally, regular use of alcohol can cause the individual to become...

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