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Children Dealing with Alcoholic Parents
Ottawa University Wisconsin
Las 30012 Writing and Critical Thinking in the Liberal Arts
Jan Barkby
Ashley Young
March 09, 2013


The point of this paper is to reassure parents that drinking alcohol, not only gives a child an emotional affect, but also a mental affect as well. The author will give facts on what different types of defects a child can develop, as being a victim of an alcoholic parent. As parents we should all want the best for our children. Not only to want to abuse, or hurt them in any kind of way. There are many different resources a parent can reach out and attend if he/she feels there is too much responsibility to handle, with a child and an addiction problem.

Having an unborn child is a gift that is given. Carrying an unborn child means to protect and provide proper health for the unborn child. It is highly important to go to regular checkups, eat properly, and get educated information, provided by professionals. It is extremely important for a mother to not abuse drugs, or alcohol while an unborn child is in the womb. Misuse can lead to terrible defects. For instance, a mother consuming alcohol while carrying a child is showing child neglect. Many major defects can occur while he child is still in the womb. Some of the defects are as follows: The mother is risking a miscarriage; the child can be born as a stillborn, or even preterm. The writer of this paper had chosen this topic to get clear facts and more education not only for self, but for others as well. This topic was an important topic to reassure all parents that having issues with drinking alcohol is dangerous for the household of the child as well as for the whole family. As the writer of this paper gathered information from scholarly sources, as well as journals, the writer will state facts to support the research. In today’s society, alcohol addiction is one of the most life threatening diseases. Most individuals tend to indulge themselves with alcohol, to escape from fear, unhappiness, and even having and living a stressful lifestyle. According to (2013) others sink into it as a result of a personal trauma such as the breakup of a relationship, the loss of a loved one, or a financial reversal. (para 1) This becomes more dangerous when innocent children are involved. From being in the mother’s womb, to a new born baby, to growing up into an adult. Alcoholism can take a toll on a child from the first stages of his/her life. A mother that is carrying an unborn child that consumes alcohol has got to be stopped. There are many different risk factors that come along with an alcoholic parent. The parent can have a miscarriage; the child can be born preterm, also a still born. Children of an alcoholic parent suffer mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Effects of a child
Alcohol can affect a child’s development when a child is born. According to March of Dimes (2013) “although the body is able to manage alcohol in your blood, your baby’s little body is not”(para 3). The liver in the body works hard to break down the alcohol in your blood, but your baby’s is not. More problems can also occur. The child can have low birth weight, loss of hearing and vision, speech and behavior issues as well. Consequences a parent can have being an alcoholic parent

If a parent is showing any type of violence, towards the child higher authorities will get involved. If a sibling, anyone from the community, or even a child healthcare professional witnesses any type of neglect, the parent will risk having custody of the child, or the child going to live in a foster home. Parents that show no signs of love to their children or attention will sadly have their children shuffled from home to home because of neglect the parent continues to show the child. Professional help

Professional Help: There are professional help groups that a parent can attend, to get the support...
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