Alcohol, the silent killer

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Alcohol, the silent killer
I have been sober for 267 days now from being an alcoholic. When I started drinking at the age of thirteen I didn’t realize that it would take over my life, just as it did my dad’s life. As a kid I swore that I would never drink because I didn’t want to become just like my dad, but now here I am wondering where my life has gone and why didn’t I listen to my younger self and not pick up that bottle of vodka at thirteen and drink the whole bottle in one night. But now that I go to AA classes I’m glad that I realized about my problem 5 years later than maybe when I was a lot older and wasted my whole life. The lesson I learned from this is that even though you say that you won’t do something because it’s not right or that it ruined your life as a kid; you still wind up getting into it because it’s drilled into your brain that this is the acceptable norm.

When I was little and after school my dad would come pick me up from after school hockey practice in the winter and softball practice in the summer. When we get home he would open a new bottle of either vodka, whisky, gin, or rum. And he would sit on the porch and watch the forest life all night. He was never a violent drunk, just a distant one. His drinking became a big problem when my parents divorced when I was nine. I went to stay with my dad because I wanted to move to the mountains not stay in the Arizona valley. As he would drink more and more he would not even notice that I existed and he was also starting to get violent. He was never violent towards me just to himself and the inanimate objects in our house. This was the moment that I decided that I wasn’t going to drink in my life ever.

That lasted until I went to a party at a friend’s house when I was thirteen and they were serving alcohol. I figured that this was no big deal as I have told myself in the past that I wasn’t going to drink because of my alcoholic dad. Later that night after all my friends have been...
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