Alcohol Proposal

Topics: Texas Tech University System, Alcoholism, Drinking culture Pages: 5 (1386 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Ben Bale
Business Marketing Major
Angelo State University
Member, Texas Tech University System
San Angelo, TX 76904
Phone (325)234-0451

Dr. Joseph C. Rallo
Administration Building
Angelo State University
San Angelo, TX 76909

Dear Dr. Rallo:

During my time here at Angelo State University I have seen many people’s lives become affected from alcohol. Without the knowledge and/or mentoring from Angelo State, I do not see an end to this problem. In order to help new students understand the negative side effects of drinking I have proposed the following plan.

Like most colleges around the state of Texas, Angelo State has a high number of students who binge drink and drink and drive. Many students who just enter college will increase their drinking habits due to a number of different reasons. I have experienced what it is like during the first year of college and have seen friends expelled from Angelo State because of the consequences that came from alcohol. I believe students need mentoring during their transition phase of their college career.

For some college students, getting drunk is a weekly ritual that is sometimes taken too far. Most freshman tend to abuse the new freedom that they have when they begin college, making the first year of college the most likely time for binge drinking. They are in a new place with new people and feel like they have to drink to fit in with the older crowds. Peer pressure is a main reason why most college students binge drink. At almost any party there is no supervision and endless amounts of alcohol.

Many students behave as if there are no consequences when it comes to consuming large amounts of alcohol. This could be because they were never put in the situations that they can find themselves in while attending a large university. It is the first time that these students have this new sense of freedom and it can lead to bad consequences. Many students do not understand how problems with alcohol during their first years at Angelo State can lead to probation and even expulsion. I feel it should be Angelo State University’s responsibility to educate these new students on alcohol awareness so they can understand how serious of a problem it can be. In Figure 1 ( I have provided some information that I believe would be a shock to most incoming freshman. Figure 1


First offense $2000 Second offense $4000 Third offense $10,000

The actual cost after you pay the DWI fine is estimated to be around $10,000 for your first offense. You have to deal with alcohol awareness classes, finding a lawyer, paying for drug tests, and potential house arrest for a year. I believe that educating students on facts such as these will help them to make the right decisions when the time comes.

There are many parents who feel uneasy about sending their children off to college. Alcohol is probably the main factor that leads to bad grades and problems at Angelo State and I believe that they will feel like they have a little more support from Angelo State if there were mandatory alcohol classes that their children were forced to take to understand the risks and dangers associated with alcohol abuse.

The purpose of this proposal is to suggest that Angelo State University put in a mandatory alcohol awareness class for all incoming freshman students to help educate them about the risk, danger, and consequences that alcohol can lead to.

Proposed plan
From my time and experience at Angelo State I have found that alcohol might be the single most destructive thing in trying to earn a college degree. In order to help others who might slip into the destructive...

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