Alcohol in College Sporting Events

Topics: Stadium, Sport, University Pages: 2 (618 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Kyle Buckwald
Mr. McGuire
Sports Event and Facility Management BUS 1245
25 April 2013
Written Assignment #2
Alcohol being sold at college events is one of the most talked about things in the recent decade. The main question is: Should alcohol be sold at college sporting events? Personally I do not think that alcohol should be sold at college sporting events. The main reasons why is because there is too much of a liability within the facility, underage drinking, and violent behavior. When all these reasons factor in, it really makes sense not to sell alcohol at a sporting event. At a college football game, the atmosphere is chaotic and many fans go nuts for their team. Many people come hours before the game to tail-gate and have some fun before the game actually starts. Tailgating is huge on alcohol and many people start actually begin to get intoxicated before the game actually starts. Selling alcohol in the stadium just does not make sense. Many people do not think of the risk liability that the stadium or sports facility has within itself. Any injury that occurs from being too intoxicated or fans becoming violent with fights is the stadiums responsibility. Many security guards and police officers are hired mainly for this reason: to make sure that everyone is safe from any violence that might occur at the game. In addition, many intoxicated fans at games really have no regard for anything at the stadium. Fans will throw food and drinks and even harm other people at the time. The risk is way too high to sell alcohol at games.

Underage drinking is a main topic of discussion as well. Most freshman, sophomores, and even some juniors in college are under the age of 21. So what that means is that almost 75% of the college population is drinking underage at sporting events. In addition, many college students own a fake I.D. This creates many problems within the stadium or facility. Underage drinking is very illegal and the law would definitely be broken if...
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