Alcohol Awareness Task Force Recommendation

Topics: Alcoholism, University, Campus Pages: 4 (1142 words) Published: May 11, 2012
Executive Summary
In response to growing problems relating to alcohol on the Midwest University campus, President Harrison has appointed the Alcohol Awareness Task Force—made up of students—to make a recommendation. The task force looked at many issues surrounding alcohol use including health concerns, increased incidents of violence, liability, and the effects of alcohol on the body and decision-making. After considering the issues, the task force proposes that the University put together a larger group of community representatives to develop a program to help students make better decisions about alcohol. The task force believes that this program will help decrease the irresponsible use of alcohol on campus and allow the spotlight to shine on the more positive aspects of Midwest University.  

Alcohol Awareness Task Force Recommendation
Background of the Problem
Recently, College and University Review ranked Midwest University as the top party school in the country (Fake Reference, 2009). Most at MU consider this a dubious distinction. Students drink to excess due to a number of factors: peer pressures; newfound freedoms associated with living away from home for the first time; and stresses associated with college life. Wolaver (2002), cites that each year, on campuses across the country, there are 600,000 incidents of alcohol related assaults, half a million incidents of injury in which alcohol played a part, 1,400 alcohol-related deaths, and 70,000 sexual assaults in which alcohol was a factor. MU has several programs in place to reduce drinking on campus. Yet, in spite of these programs, alcohol abuse on campus continues to rise. MU’s party school reputation distracts from the University’s scholastic and athletic achievements and endangers the student body. The Alcohol Awareness Task Force recommends a series of meetings with stakeholders to develop a program that will give students the tools to make responsible decisions about alcohol. Needs


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