Alcohol Ads Targeting Youth

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Alcohol Ads Target Youth
I believe that alcohol ads do target youth. A lot of underage people sample alcohol. Some adults buy alcohol for underage kids and teens. Parents buy wine, beer, whiskey, etc. for themselves or parties they throw. The kids have easy access to that alcohol when their parents don’t lock them up or hide them. I know some underage youth that drink alcohol worse than wine or beer, such as vodka, tequila, and whiskey.

I was researching this and found that US studies show that in 2006 they found that $23 billion is spent each year on alcohol that is consumed by underage teens and youth. Television broadcasters once banned alcohol and spirits ads from television, it was called the “Wink-Wink Ban.” Cable is home to 95% of all alcohol advertisements on national television networks. Studies have also found that one-third of 12th graders report recent binge drinking.

The latest study was done by researchers at several universities and institutes. Using advertising industry from Nielson Media Research, they examined more than 608,000 national cable alcohol ads from 2001 through 2006 shown to audiences with fewer than 30% of viewers between the ages of 12 and 20. They found a few alarming coincidences such as:

Each one-percentage-point increase in teenage viewers were associated with a 7% increase in beer ads, a 15% increase in spirits ads, and a 22% increase in ads for alcopops, those sweet alcoholic beverages popular with teenagers and girly-drink fans.

For alcopops, ad occurrence was associated with teenage girl viewers. Each one-point increase in the percentage of female teenage audience was associated with a 5% increase for alcopops ads.
Ads for wine, which isn’t that popular among teens - even the kind of wine so bad that it is advertised on television - was lowered by 8% with each one-percentage-point increase in teenage viewers.

Everyone has their opinion about teenage drinking. They might be supportive of it, or they might be...
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