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Topics: Alcoholism, Addiction, Alcohol abuse Pages: 3 (802 words) Published: January 2, 2013
Alcohol Abuse and Treatment: NWHIC (Excerpt)
Alcoholism, also known as alcohol dependence, is a disease. Alcoholism is a chronic, often progressive disease with symptoms that include a strong need to drink despite negative consequences, such as serious job, relationships, or health problems. Like many other diseases, it has a generally predictable course, has recognized symptoms, and is influenced by both genetic and environmental factors that are being increasingly well defined. (Source: excerpt from Alcohol Abuse and Treatment: NWHIC)

Physical Effects of Alcoholism
There are many physical effects of alcoholism. You are probably aware of the effects that occur when a person has been drinking a lot. Their speech may be slurred, their gait may be crooked, they may become disoriented or confused. Their reaction time slows and they become uncoordinated, making it unsafe for them to drive. They may experience digestive upsets such as abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting. They may even experience “blackouts,” in which they don’t remember things they said or did while intoxicated. The physical effects of drinking may carry on into the next day when the drinker may experience a hangover. They may be nauseous or have a headache. They may be groggy and feel generally unwell. Alcoholics often miss work or are late to work due to hangovers. But the physical effects of alcoholism go beyond these immediate effects. There are long term health problems associated with alcoholism. Health problems associated with alcohol use include hyperglycemia, high blood pressure, heart problems, kidney disease, liver disease, pancreatitis, and increased risk for certain cancers. Some of these physical problems can be potentially deadly, such as cirrhosis of the liver. And again, alcoholics will continue drinking even when they have these health problems and they know that drinking is making them worse, because they can’t control their drinking. Psychological Effects of Alcohol Abuse...
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