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The purpose of this research was to find out if there were any similar or different patterns in alcohol consumption amongst overseas students when compared with Australians. These results indicated that most males overseas students in this sample drank weekly and most females overseas students drank less than weekly. Furthermore, the majority of overseas students drank regular strength beer and most of Generation Y (30+) drank at pub, club or bar . 本研究的目的是找出是否有类似或不同的模式在饮酒在海外学生相比,澳大利亚人。这些结果表明,大多数男性留学生在这个示例喝每周和大多数女性海外学生每周喝不到。此外,大多数的海外学生喝啤酒和大多数的常规力量Y一代(30 +)在酒吧、俱乐部或喝酒吧。

The first finding was that the most males overseas students drank weekly and most females overseas students drank less than weekly. This is similar to a study by the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (2007) which found that 46.8% of males drank weekly and 38.5% of females drank less than weekly amongst Australians. This is could be that men have more life and work pressure. Furthermore, Men are often more uncomfortable than women about alone and tend to get bored more easily. 第一个发现是,海外学生的大多数男性每周饮用和大多数女性海外学生每周喝不到。这类似于一个研究酒精研究和教育基金会(2007)发现,46.8%的男性和38.5%的女性每周喝喝不到每周在澳大利亚人。这是可能是,男性有更多的生活和工作压力。此外,男性通常比女性更不舒服对独自一人,往往更容易感到无聊。

The second finding was that the the majority of respondents consumed regular strength beer more than other types of alcohol. This is completely different to a study by the the NDSH (2007) which found that the most popular alcoholic beverage is bottled wine amongst Australians. It might be that overseas students are more concerned about the price of alcohol as they do not have a limited income. 第二个发现是,大多数的受访者饮用普通强度的啤酒比其他类型的酒精。这是完全不同的NDSH进行的一项研究(2007),发现最受欢迎的酒精饮料瓶装酒在澳大利亚人。它可能是海外学生更关心价格的酒精一样,他们没有一个有限的收入。

The third finding was that the majority of Gen Y (30+)(48%) drank at pub, club or bar. This is a little different to previous research by Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (2012) which found that most Australians love to drank at...
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