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The Alchemist

“Courage is the quality most essential to understanding the Language of the World” (Paulo Coelho). Some of the people would understand this quote as direct, but it has a deeper meaning which one cannot pass by. Language of the world is the way that we communicate with each other and the world, and how the world and others communicate with us. It is a common language that everyone speaks. Santiago, a boy leaves his love Fatima, his flock, in order to achieve his Personal Legend. Personal Legend, is an idea that each individual should live to pursuit their own dream. Paulo Coelho gives us an ideal truth in such a short read. The Alchemist is a wonderful book because of the way it is written and audience targeted, all of the things it teaches one about world and beliefs, and basic ideas explained thoroughly.

The Alchemist, is a book with which I fell in love with from the first page. In the first beginning, Coelho is telling us a story about a boy, Santiago, who is living in the fields with sheep, and how much he has learned from them more than from books. He is a shepherd, who is with sheep all his life. They are everything what he has valuable. Coelho finds a great way to introduce a great story with his introduction. It is very basic which leads me to a bigger picture later on the book. Coelho’s introduction lets me feel closer to this boy, to his valuables and simplicity in his life. I am not afraid of saying that each and every one of us who read this book, can relate to Santiago in some kind of way. We all have given up something, to achieve greater means. Author provides us with a story with which we all can relate. With all of the simplicity in his writing, he is not failing to have a great idea. With all of this, his target is every single person who can find time to read his book. With all of the world’s religions, every religion can find a relation to Santiago. I think it is amazing how Coelho finds a way to everyone’s life with a...
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