Albumin and Nurse

Topics: Albumin, Stroke, Hemoglobin Pages: 2 (618 words) Published: July 21, 2010
Semester one Re-Entrance Exam
Part 1

Questions pertaining to Gerontology:

1. The nurse cautions that the most frequent response to elder abuse by the abused older adult is a. angerc. notification of authorities
b. physical retaliation d. nothing at all
2. The nurse would anticipate that a person with a hemorrhagic CVA to the left hemisphere would exhibit
a. language disturbancesc. inappropriate affect
b. poor impulse controld. confabulation
3. The nurse caring for the older adult patient who is taking a diuretic for control of hypertension should monitor the patient closely for signs of
a. hypokalemiac. hyponatremia
b. hypocalcemiad. hyperkalemia
4. The physician has written an order to convert an enteric-coated medication from the pill form to the liquid form. The nurse should
a. transcribe the order and change the medication administration record to show the liquid form
b. use up the rest of the tablets by crushing them and giving them dissolved in water
c. order the liquid for from the pharmacy as ordered
d. inquire if the physician wants the dose to be the same as the pill 5. The nurse recognizes that a major indicator of a positive self-image in an older adult living in a long-term care facility is

a. feeding self independently c. having family visitors every week
b. maintaining urinary continenced. neat grooming and wearing fresh clothes 6. When the 80-year-old Orthodox Jewish man dies in the hospital, the nurse should
a. notify the rabbi to send a member of the synagogue to stay with the body
b. inform the mortuary about the desire of the patient to be cremated
c. prepare the body for the ritual bath by temple members before embalming
d. facilitate removal of the body because burial must take place 48 hours after death 7. The most significant laboratory value that would alert the nurse to probable malnutrition would be a
a. high hemoglobin level (18 g/dl) c. high hematocrit...
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