Albert Speer Essay 4

Topics: Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler, World War II Pages: 3 (1074 words) Published: August 1, 2010
“History highlights both virtues and faults”. To what extent does the study of Albert Speer support this view.

Throughout the study of Albert Speer, history certainly highlights both virtues and faults. Albert Speer was an important figure throughout German history through his role in Nazi Germany via the Minister of Weapons and Munitions then later the Minister of Armaments and War Production but also his architectural work for the Nazis. Along with these virtues of Speer came his faults as well. Speer was accused of being a liar and a bad Nazi where he supposedly destroyed flats of which many were Jewish. Therefore in essence history does highlight both virtue and fault through the study of Albert Speer. In 1934 Speer was appointed to be a personal architect for Hitler. Speer had been given so much responsibility by the Fuhrer to build designs such as the Berlin Olympic Stadium to be used for the Olympic Games but also the building of Berlin as the mega city of Europe to be named Germania. This suggests that the Fuhrer had trusted Speer and that Speer had achieved a virtue that he desired. To be the right hand man to Hitler. This is also seen through Speer’s quote “if Hitler actually had a friend. I would certainly have been one of his close friends”. Along with his virtue came with a fault as well on his way up through the Nazi ranks. In building the new Berlin, Speer had to knock down property therefore he destroyed 52,000 flats, 23,000 of which belonged to the Jews. This statement suggests that Speer was not only a bad Nazi he took one step closer in proving that he was part of the Jewish extermination by removing them from their own homes. It clearly shows a fault in Albert Speer’s rise to prominence. One of the main reason as to how and why Albert Speer was able to turn Germany from military disaster to a steady total war economy was when he was appointed for Armaments and War Production. This is seen as one of his greatest virtues as he single handily...
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