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Topics: Bullfighting, Torero, Spanish-style bullfighting Pages: 2 (460 words) Published: October 9, 2013
Christina Sanchez

Christina Sanchez is a famous bullfighter. When Christina was little, she was influenced by her father when she saw him bullfight and from then on she always wanted to try. Cristina Sanchez became interested in bullfighting because she was a female and it was considered a male sport. Some people are entranced by the very idea of a Woman performing in a risky job. She debuted as a bullfighter in Madrid on February 13, 1993, exactly one 
week before her twenty-first birthday. During her career she cut a total of 316 bull ears. The bull’s ears are cut 
when the bullfighter successfully kills the bull at the end of the bullfight.

She retired from bullfighting in 1999 and got married in 2000 to the Portuguese banderillero Alexandre da Silva. A banderillero is a bullfighter 
that places the little sticks in the bull’s back to weaken the bull. Cristina Sánchez was viewed by many people as a feminist due to the fact that she was a successful woman that participated in a mainly male- 
dominated sport. She was one of the first prominent female bullfighters in the sport. In 1999 Cristina announced her retirement at the end of the season, complaining that male prejudice against her was so strong she was unable to get the top billings she deserved. Some male bullfighters have publicly declared that they would not fight on the same bill.

Bullfighting is normally fatal for the bull, and it is dangerous for the matador. Bullfighting is criticized by many animal rights activists, referring to it as a cruel or barbarous blood sport, in which the bull suffers severe stress and a slow, torturous death.

The modern corrida is highly ritualized, with three distinct parts or tercios, the start of each of which is announced by a trumpet sound. The participants first enter the arena in a parade or paseíllo to salute the presiding dignitary; presidente, accompanied by band music. The ritual is a key factor, for example the oldest matador goes to the far...
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