Albert Einstine

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Leon Jones Jr

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was born in March 14,1879 he was born in

Ulm, Germany He graduated from Swiss Federal Institute its spell wrong I fixed it for

you. I fixed everything highlighted of Technology in Zurich and he moved to Berlin in 1914

to become a professor and when he got to Berlin he published a theory a paper. He also

published a Radiation Theory paper and he was awarded for Nobel prize in Physics.

After awhile in Berlin he moved to Princeton,New Jersey and then did a paper on EPR

paradox. And then he wrote to the president Franklin D. Roosevett. He had a brother and

sister named Jacob and Maj and his parents name were Herman and Pauline Koch. Mileva

was 4 years older than Albert and they had a daughter named Lieser and they put her to

adoption when she was born in 1902, 2 years later he had another baby and it was a boy

and he was born in 1904 and his name was Hans Albert. When they had there first child

they were not married yet and weren’t ready to take care of the baby. After years past

Mileva and Albert had another son in 1910 and his name was Eduard, is that name spelled

right and instead of calling him Eduard Albert called him Tete or Tetel. After Albert

didn’t pass the exam him and his family had to move back to Zurich.

A couple of years later he meet his cousin and worked with her and after that he fell in love

with his cousin Elsa Loewenthal. Then he divorced Mileva and he got married with his cousin

,and Mileva left with there two sons in the train station and when Alert saw them leave he

started to cry cause Mileva took the two sons but even if he married his cousin he still

keep in touch with his two sons and Albert called them his two little bears, when Hans

grow up he became a professor of engineering in California and his another son Eduard

was a talent pianist develop mental illness as a young man and spent his life in a Psychiatric


Even if Einstein hated school he was excellent at math,Latin and some other

stuff. He had to get stitches in his hand because when one of inventions blow up and in

1904 he wrote 3 articles of German science. And when he was 17 years old he already

started to do a four course of math and physics in 1896. In 1909 he became the professor

of the university of Zurich and he quit he patent office in the same year 1909.

In 1911 he gained a invention of the first Solvay Congress and he wrote to an

famous American Astronomers in 1913.Then in 1905 he had new ideas about physics and

when he was 26 he published 4 articles. And he created something with packets and he

called them quantum’s and he also proved that atoms and molecules are real things and since

he was 16 he had a question to ask in 1905:What would you see if you could hitch a ride on a beam

of light? In 1687 he made his own book about Principal mathematics.

After 30 years past other scientist would develop ways to unleash nuclear

weapons”. He also completed his doctoral thesis and and earned his PH.D and in 1909 he

finally landed a teaching job. He had achievements and called it anus mirabilis, which is

Latin for “year of wonders”.In August 1914 World war it broke out in Germany was in the

middle of it and in 1915 he wrote to his son Hans Albert to tell him that he completed his

splendid work, after that he did another 8 years to sort out his new theory. Then in 1916

he issue of the Anna lender Physik and he finally did a master piece. Then he used his new

theory to predict the starlight should bend when it passed by the sun and then couple

years after British astronomers tested his prediction in May 1919 and then there was

results that his prediction was right in November 1919.

After Einstein graduated from Poly, Einstein published 6 papers and had colleagues

to disuse his ideas. In 1922, Albert was on his way to Japan to lecture and was...
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