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Topics: Albert Einstein, General relativity, Photon Pages: 2 (507 words) Published: March 9, 2009
Albert Einstein is perhaps the single most ingenious scientist in American history. His contributions to science have forever changed scientific world.
When Albert Einstein was only four years old he was greatly intrigued by a magnetic compass. The device convinced him that there was so such out there to be discovered. Einstein rebelled against the academic high school because intelligence was only measured in the ability to memorize facts and obey authority. He strongly believed intelligence could not be determined this way and did his own studying at home. He dropped out at fifteen and moved to Italy to live with his parents.

1905, sometimes called a “miracle year” for Einstein, produced some of his greatest accomplishments. Einstein first disproves Newton’s theory of relativity, stating that space and time are not absolute. Next, Einstein creates the quantum theory of light discovering that light exists in particle forms. Shortly after, he published two papers. One determined a method of measuring atom size and quantity, the other explaining the movement of atoms known as Brownian motion. The two papers gave proof to the atom’s existence. In June of that year he completed Special Relativity which stated that light may not be in particle form but a continuous field of waves. Later that year he publishes an extension of Special Relativity, where the famous formula, E=Mc2, was contrived. The formula is the link between energy and matter.

Five years later, in 1910, Einstein produces a minor work which explained a most basic question of why the sky is blue. He names the phenomenon critical opalescence and explains it as individual light molecules scattering across the atmosphere.

After eight years of work Einstein completes his work General Theory of Relativity in 1915. The work describes that energy and matter are directly related to space and time. He also tells of his curved four-dimensional space-time theory, with this Einstein explains the force of...
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