Albert and Esene by Frances Khirallah Noble

Topics: Art, Sculpture, Meaning of life Pages: 3 (988 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Ana Azpilcueta
Art Appreciation
Essay 1
The Titled Arc was an sculpture that Serra did for the Federal Plaza on NY 10 years before the government decided to destroyed. The artist work really hard to give them real art. But then for some problems or circumstances a Government agency didn’t want it and they want to remove it . So the artist obviously didn’t agree with that and he stared looked for his rights, for be able to have some control over his art. But In the past these rights weren’t very clear so the artists had to protest for leave clear those rights. The basic idea of the article is trying to show us what was the artist rights before and after the big argue with the “Titled Arc” happened. Now in these times we have probably liked the same issues, when someone have an idea to create something like a project, invention or innovation and then somebody stole the idea. There have so many cases when someone has a good idea about create some business so they started to create the company and then when the company it is big and successful for some reason the owner its dropout from the company. It is a relation between these issues with the artist problems because they don’t have any rights about his creation. Serra did this sculpture because the government required him to did it, then 10 years later an agency of the government (which was the same asked Serra to build it) wanted to destroyed because it was the “ugliest outdoor work of art in the city”. William Dimond was the regional administrator of the agency and the man responsible for the campaign against Titled Arc, he did a lot of things for destroyed Titled arc; he tried to sell the work he couldn’t of course because it wasn’t his work, he convinced the Federal Building employers for sign about relocated Titled Arc, even they start to complain the sculpture about the obscene content of graffiti in the surface and some physical security specialist employed for the agency said...

References: “Title Arc” by Richard Serra
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