Albert “the Boogey Man” Fish

Topics: Murder, Serial killer, Cannibalism Pages: 2 (806 words) Published: April 19, 2010
Albert “The Boogey Man” Fish

This next serial killer is one that to me is one of the most horrible killers that ever lived. There is no other way to describe Albert Fish as anything but a monster. He was a living nightmare that looked like an innocent grandpa. But under the surface he was something that no sane person can possibly imagine. Fish’s sadistic behavior did not begin to surface until after his wife left him for John Straube. Fish got great pleasure from pain. Whether him inflicting it on others or inflicting it on himself. He liked to be paddled till he bled and the paddle would sometimes have ½ nails on it. He would get anybody he could to paddle him, his children, neighbor hood children, and he would even answer classify ads in the paper for woman looking for a husband. But he quickly told them that he just wanted them to paddle him not get married.

Fish after being arrested confessed to six murders starting in 1910 ending in 1934. The true number is unknown because Fish also made references too many different murders just couldn’t remember the time frame of them. Dr. Frederic Wertham was a man who took great interest in Albert Fish. He once said that he believed that Fish had raped at least a hundred children in his life. The doctor a course after examining him declared him insane. However before the murders he had psychiatric treatment at Bellevue. The doctors there though said he was disturbed but sane. I believe he was always insane. A person like Albert Fish is not born overnight; he is manifested through out a lifetime.

Personally I think Albert Fish is in a class system of his own when it comes to killers however there are various different classification systems that describe Mr. Fish. From these different classification systems I believe Mr. Fish to be an organized lust killer with personality disorders among other things such as a cannibal and sexual predator. He is organized in the sense that he knows how the whole crime is going...
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