Alas Babylon Mapping

Topics: Critical thinking, Reasoning, Thought Pages: 3 (930 words) Published: February 25, 2015
Course: English I HonorsTeacher/Teachers: Knox
Unit Name: Alas, BabylonDuration: 2-3 weeks if taught during class time/ this year- independent novel, so one week Essential Questions
Content (include key terms/concepts, Literary Devices, etc.) Skills/Objectives
Resources (include text chapters, specific videos/clips, additional resources or topics added by teacher—i.e. Lives of Saints, online resources, etc. )

1 “Still, there was no sound quite like a siren wailing its air- raid alarm to spur people to constructive action- or paralyze them in fear.” 2 “The exhausted swimmer, struggling to reach shore, isn’t worried about starving to death afterwards.”

How does society react to tragedies or challenges?
What provokes survival of the fittest and how does this effect survival of society?

3 “Since neither worked, the signs were worthless.”

What constitutes racism?
How does racism destroy the human condition?

4 “Every building still stood, no brick had been displaced, yet all was altered, especially the people.”

How does society build walls to ensure no one sees their human sides? Define the human condition.

5 “It was strange, she thought, pedaling steadily, that it should require a holocaust to make her own life worth living.” Why do we need tragedy to feel worth?

Survival of the fittest
Human condition
Future generations- pollinating to provide a future for its race “…this is only nature’s way of protecting the race. Nature is providing Darwin’s Law of Natural Selection. The defective bee, unable to cope with its environment, is rejected by nature at birth. I think this will be true of man. It is said that nature is cruel. I don’t think so. Nature is just, and even merciful. By natural selection, nature will attempt to undo what man has done.”

“Nations are like rich people. When they grow old and rich and...
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