Alas Babylon Characterization

Topics: American people of English descent, 2008 singles, Thought Pages: 3 (779 words) Published: October 6, 2011
Madison Clark
Mrs. Madrigal
September 6th, 2011
4th Period

Randy Bragg
* “All the way to town, she kept thinking of Randy. Who would ever guess that he was a deviate with a compulsion to watch women dress and undress? He ought to be arrested. But if she told the sheriff, or anybody, they would only laugh at her. Everybody knew that Randy dated lots of girls, and not all of them virgins.” Page 6 * “Randy’s left hand grasped Jennings’ lapels. He slapped Jennings savagely across the face. He did this without any conscious thoughts except that it was necessary to slap the hysteria out of Jennings in order to locate Dan Gunn.” Page 103 * “Even when he ran up or down stairs, or discovered imperative duties outside, Randy carried his tiny transistor portable. Twice he left the grounds, once on a buying mission to town, again to briefly visit the McGovern’s.” Page 124 When the novel begins, Randy Bragg is a failed candidate for political office, living off his family's land and the occasional work as a lawyer in the small Florida town of Fort Repose. However, after the Nuclear War, he becomes responsible for his brother Mark's family and the people who live around him. Eventually, he emerges as the leader of the entire town. He was known as the ‘drunk bum’ before the attack, and now that he has stepped up, he is the ‘go – to guy’ in the town. He is becoming more of a father figure to Ben Franklin and Peyton. He would do anything for his family now. Not only his family, though, his whole community. He knows they are all somewhat leaning on him and he is becoming a leader and helping everyone around him.

* ‘This was something he had not said before, a fact she had not considered. Somehow it made her feel a bit better, yet she continued to argue, although dispiritedly. “Still, I think my job is here.”’ Page 66 * “I’m not counting on it, I’m just praying. If Mark is – alive – how long do you think it will be until we hear from him?” Page 128...
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