Alas Babylon

Topics: Aeneid, Jane Eyre, Aeneas Pages: 2 (851 words) Published: November 4, 2014

Ryan Boler
Ms. Casey
American Literature, 3rd period
22 September 2014
Alas, Babylon Lit Analysis
Randy Braggs, of course being human, has his own personal desires and wants just like everyone else. He is believed to be the protagonist of the book. He used to live a laid back lifestyle. But ever since “The Day” life in Fort Repose and around the country has been chaotic. Since no one was prepared for such the attack that took place. Randy takes the role as a leader to the people of the Fort Repose area. Throughout the book Randy struggles with passion that he had of his old lifestyle before the nuclear holocaust and the responsibilities that he as to fulfill now being that Martial Law has been put in place. Ever since the day you can tell Randy Bragg has been struggling with his passions. He went from being laid back to taking responsibility for the people of Fort Repose. “Duty is a recurring theme throughout Virgil’s The Aeneid” (Shen 91). Shen is talking about how you must overcome your own desires for the greater good. In the book Randy is put up to the task of leading the people of the town Fort Repose. But just like in the article Randy is overcome with feelings of love for a woman. While he does not choose the same outcome as Aeneas did in The Aeneid; passion is a strong factor when dealing with personal wants and what is best for everyone in the town. "Elizabeth McGovern and Randolph Bragg were married at noon that Easter Sunday..... The groom wore his Class A uniform with the bold patch of the First Cavalry Division on his arm and the ribbons of the badge of the combat infantryman. He wore his uniform because of the wedding but because it was required in the radioed orders to reservists amusing active duty, such as ambushing and killing highwaymen, which he presently intended to do."(Frank 265) But here he mixes passion with his duties and it works out for the whole He was able to get married and he still is respected. Passion is a very strong...

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