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Topics: False alarm, Alarm, Car alarm Pages: 2 (515 words) Published: February 24, 2014
Staying away from false alarms
At times we could be faced with problems as a result of the actions we take in using alarm system. This happens when we use the alarms for the wrong purpose. This can occur when your kid accidentally triggers the alarm system. By doing this you will be held responsible for the expenses that the company offering service will incur in dealing with the false alarm. Why should you go through all these while you could have avoided the situation from occurring? This would ensure that you stay out of trouble. So how can you prevent the false alarms from occurring? Below are some of the ways in which you can do this in your home. Positioning the alarms in the best places

Chances are that your kids could play around with the alarm system thinking that they are toys. This normally happens when you have installed wireless alarm systems in your home. It is your duty to ensure that you position the alarms in the best positions where the kids cannot reach them. You can also hide the alarms in the corners of your home where the kids and any other person cannot see. Training your family members on using the alarms

The alarm systems can also be triggered if the family members are not aware of the functions of the alarm system. You should train them on the full usage of the alarms that you have installed in your home. For example, you could give them tips on how to power up the machines and also how they can turn the tools off. If you have mature youths you should also train them on this. This will make certain they do not end up pressing buttons that they do not know that their functions are. Rest assured that you will not get false alarms from your home if you decide to do this. Ensuring that the alarms function during the initial stages

There are certain alarms brands that would function during the first stages only to be useless after a period of time. These alarms are those that are of poor brands. Relying on these brands would have an...
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